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The Green Business Innovation project aims to identify opportunities in small manufacturing / trade / service application areas and to strengthen business cooperation and technology transfer in the cross-border area of Italy and Greece.
Our actions

In its 2 years life span, Green Business Innovation has the following concrete objectives:

  • Identify and raise green innovation opportunities.
  • Develop and implement green innovation practices.
  • Reduce business risks and address economic crisis challenges, using toolkits to help develop and implement a green innovation action plan.
  • Develop environmental conscience and continually improve the performance of companies.
  • Maximise the efficient use of their resources through the implementation of green innovation best practice.
  • Network with like-minded businesses.
  • Implement training programmes for green economy skilled workers, managers and the unemployed to enhance human resource skills in the proposed sectors.
  • Provide the tools, the support, and the information base to help cross-border businesses thrive in today's competitive green marketplace.
Expected results
expected results small

The implementation of the proposed project will have significant results on businesses and human resources of the cross-border area. An efficient complementary partnership has been created with the aim to promote business competitiveness through green innovative entrepreneurship in the eligible region. The proposed project will promote awareness, research and uptake of green innovation. A cross-border Network of associated businesses will be established that will provide a wide range of innovative support activities. The Network will become a point of reference for the implementation of green innovative entrepreneurship actions and of the targeted sustainability of businesses in Greece and Italy. Furthermore, the skills and knowledge of human resources in the eligible area will be developed and enhanced both through targeted consulting activities and through training activities. More specifically, it will enhance managers’, entrepreneurs’ and employees' knowledge on green innovation and will offer support consulting activities to help overcome potential barriers. Also, the project includes actions for interactive participation, exchange and experience of green innovation through the establishment of a partenariat. The immediate effects of the proposed project include awareness-raising and a renewed interest in this category of entrepreneurship. As far as gender issues are concerned, if needed, gender issues will be taken into account during the implementation of the project and especially with regards to the training activities.

The studies presented in this section have been realized on the framework of the European funded project called “Developed innovative entrepreneurship through green economy applications and human resources training on green jobs in the cross border area

The aim of this action is to share information, knowledge and experience regarding partners’ territories about the current situation of green innovation in the region and in Europe generally by means even of a guide on green entrepreneurship and a collection of success stories and stories of enterprise in the green field.

This action is a key activity since it defines the starting point for further development in this sector. In fact allows to identify the state of the art, National end European legislative framework, existing problems, needs, challenges and opportunities in the eligible territories.


Analysis of the Greek side

Analysis of the Italian and Greek state of the Art

Green Economy and Innovation in Europe

Green Guide


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