Technopolis linkTecnopolis Science and Technology Park is a public company fully owned by the University of Bari, created in 2009 for the management of the homonymous Science and Technology Park, located in Valenzano, 12km far from Bari in the Apulian Region.

Tecnopolis PST, continues to manage the activities developed by Tecnopolis CSATA in the years 1969-2008, and promotes and develops the science park strategy through:

  • The management of technological services, logistics and maintenancerelated to the premises;
  • The attraction in the Apulian Region of labs, research centers, public bodies and innovative companies;
  • The creation of new innovative companies and university spin-offs;
  • The valorization and the technology transfer of research results towards small and medium companies;
  • The support to local public bodies in the promotion of local development;
  • The advanced educational activity of technological character.

Tecnopolis PST offers the following services:

  • Localization in the Science Park premises of initiatives with a high level of innovation
  • Certificated incubator of innovative companies and offer of co-working spaces
  • International cooperation and cross-border opportunities sustained by the EU projects
  • Applied research projects with companies and universities and research organizations
  • Training of hybrids profiles and entrepreneurial education

In particular Tecnopolis PST offers to companies:

  • Basic services related to office, lab and manufacturing spaces, common areas, general maintenance and common facilities;
  • Added value services to sustain the entrepreneurial project;
  • Information, orientation and education on the opportunities of creating a company, mainly in high intensity of knowledge sectors;
  • Scouting of the innovative potential(business idea);
  • Coaching during the whole period of development of the company: pre-start-up phase, start-up, development and way-out;
  • Technical assistance and strategic advice in the business plans preparation;
  • Assistance for searching and selecting financial partners able to sustain an effective startup and the final juridical configuration of the new companies;
  • Assistance in the technological development and in the search of financing opportunities (local, national and European) and in the search and selection of international partnerships;
  • Assistance for the search of specific strategic competences (legal, commercial, financial, fiscal, etc);

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