ARTI LogoEstablished in 2004 by Apulia Region (Regional Law no.1/2004), ARTI became fully operative in 2005. The Agency, with its versatile and lean organization, is a main tool to realize the specific objectives set in the Regional Innovation Strategy, based on the role of Research and Innovation for economic growth and social cohesion. Today, its vision can be described as follows: "to become the agoras of innovation In Apulia".

Therefore, ARTI’s activity aims at promoting and satisfying both the demand for innovation expressed by enterprises and local productive systems and the qualification of human resources, its main function being the strengthening of the regional innovation players and of the relationships among them, in order to help and develop technological transfer from research to industry.

In line with the national and European policies, the Agency concurs to the sustainable growth of Apulia, by promoting a network of relationships and exchanges among those involved in the creation and use of new knowledge and new technologies and by stimulating and encouraging innovative behaviors in the region.

ARTI also has the mission of coordinating and supporting the Regional Innovation System, in constant liaison with the regional players of production and research and with the innovation intermediaries. In this field, the Agency has promoted the birth of the regional network of Industrial Liaison Offices for tech-trans and supports the birth of innovative start ups and the international registration of university patents. It also promotes international technological exchanges and the Apulian participation in European research programmes.

The Agency supports local R&I policy-making, by cooperating in the definition of policy documents and monitoring and evaluating regional R&D programmes, activities and actions.

ARTI pursues its mission through activities, which can be grouped into the following lines:

  • valorisation of research results and promotion of innovative business
  • monitoring and evaluation of regional programmes, projects and actions
  • internationalization of Apulian innovation
  • communication and dissemination of innovation culture
  • collaboration with Regional structures in defining and realising initiatives and actions.

While operating in these lines of activity, ARTI develops actions and projects partially financed by regional, national and European funds.

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