The rankings of the two call launched in September by ARTS within the framework of the project Green Business Innovation for the implementation of seminars at associations, local authorities, groups and businesses interested in improving its expertise in the green sectors and consultancy activities for SMEs of the Puglia Region, interested in adopting green practices and technologies are online
Three the areas of intervention:

a) Eco innovation aimed at reducing energy consumption

b) Eco design applied to the goods produced by SMEs of the Region, in order to encourage studies and approaches that help to design goods that use resources, renewable materials and production processes, with less impact on the natural environment

c) Green packaging through direct interventions to design and implement environmentally friendly and eco sustainable packaging

A bottom-up approach has been used in order to bring out directly from the beneficiaries the specific cognitive needs.
In the next weeks, ARTI will convene the beneficiaries for the formalization of the activities.
The rankings of the consulting events are available here, those of the seminars here.


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