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Considering the economic peculiarities of the cross-border area, innovative small and medium-size entrepreneurship is particularly important and proven to create new jobs. Moreover, the ever increasing activities in the field of green economy provide the ability to create products and services with high added value and positive impact on the environment. As a result, the implementation of Green Business Innovation is expected to have significant results on businesses and human resources of the cross-border area.

In order to accomplish these results, an efficient complementary partnership has been created with the aim to promote business competitiveness through green innovative entrepreneurship in the eligible region. The significant profile of our partners guarantees a bright future for this project with many potentials for this collaboration. Capitalising on its experience both from its cooperation with businesses and form the management and participation in international programmes, the Hellenic Management Association developed the idea as a vehicle for promoting business competitiveness and environmental sustainability through cross-border cooperation access.

The inital idea was communicated to the Department of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering of the University of Patras which found it an exceptional mission and proposed to include Human Resource Development actions in order to improve access to entrepreneurship in line with Priority Axis 1 of the European Territorial Cooperation Programme "Greece - Italy 2007 - 2013". In addition, Hellenic Management Association has a long, well-established cooperation with Tecnopolis Science and Tecnology Park, a company which has completed many successful innovative intrenational programmes. The partnership is being completed with the Regional Agency for Technology and Innovation of Apulia region, which maintains long professional acquaintance with the two latter partners and has an extended experience with elaboration of knowledge, promotion of innovation and knowledge diffusion.

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